Mainland Church & Concerns Committee

The ministry on mainland concerns is mainly organized and implemented by our Mainland Church & Concerns Committee, a standing committee under the Church Council. The Committee develops and runs its tasks mainly by organizing back-to-school programme, training courses, seeking donations, and promoting cooperation and exchange among churches.

On back-to-school programme, we expand the scope of the programme by not only subsidizing expenses for primary, secondary and even special school students, but also providing support for students to get professional education. Our purpose is to encourage needy students who graduate from junior secondary schools to attain professional qualification in senior secondary schools, so that they become better equipped for a professional career in future.

On training lay leaders in mainland churches, apart from subsidizing mainland seminary students and arranging regular meetings for exchange and communication, we liaise with mainland churches, and explore the needs for further collaboration with and among churches in other areas of the mainland, and organize training and exchanage activities as appropriate.