School Education

The Department of School Education is highly concerned with Christian education and gospel work in schools. It encourages more collaboration among congregations and schools. Many of our congregations are either in proximity of their host schools or directly attached to the schools. This helps pastors, co-workers and church members participate in gospel programmes in schools, such as assisting in setting up student fellowships, organizing student gospel camps and parent-child activities To strengthen ties among Lutheran schools, the department helps organize joint-school activities like Teachers' Development Day, Visual Arts exhibitions and Outstanding Students Elections etc for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Other activities such as training seminars and experience sharing sessions for school directors or school teachers are also held by the department to improve the quality of education in our schools as well as to facilitate better communication among stakeholders of schools and members of the department.

At present, we are running five secondary schools, seven primary schools, seven kindergartens, one evening school and three tutoring centres. We have over 500 teachers, and more than 8000 registered students in all the schools and centres.